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Why rent a Toronto Limousine?

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One of the largest cities in Canada with approximately twenty millions people, Toronto is considered as the home of the world’s best limousine services that offers comfort and luxury at very cost effective price. Renting a limo for the special events like wedding day, business event, birthday, or any other occasion can bring several benefits and advantages like it provides you an opportunity to experience the real prestige and fun and also value your money. Here we discuss some of the major advantages of limousine services in Toronto, have a look on them:

  •  One of the incredible benefits which you can gain by paying for limousine is peace of mind. No worry how to manage all the arrangements or even if you are allowing your children to attend their prom night and worry about their safety, hiring a limo can solve your problem. You can enjoy your occasional journey without any stress with the help of professional chauffeurs who are committed to provide you safe and comfort journey.
  •  As we know every event require time and efforts to make it perfect and if you don’t hire a limousine service, you need to manage all arrangements by yourself and obviously it consumes your precious time which you can use in other works as well. A professional limousine service offers and manage everything in a way that we always want it to be. By hiring these services you don’t need to guide anyone about the location, parking, directions and traffic etc as limousine chauffeur are well trained and experienced and knows very well how to make your day more special.
  •  For business events, Toronto limousine offers up to the mark services that create different and better impression of your business on others. As a business owner you want to impress your clients in different way and official limos provide the same at wallet lovely price. Apart from the luxury look like vehicle, these limos have some additional facilities like mini bar, plasma big screen television, music system, DVD players and other equipments to impress your clients.
  •  Another benefit it offers is that it adds extra compliment in your occasion. Hiring the classic and luxurious limo can add extra beauty and love to your occasion.

However in order to ride in a luxurious and comfortable limo, you need to do your job first by contacting a trusted and dedicated limousine service provider in Toronto.

CrownLimo is under new Management

Uncategorized0 comments is now under new management and has a new phone number 647 778-8687. Details of the transfer of ownership will be posted on the about us page within the next couple of weeks. Please update the number in your contacts and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you for making your #1 choice when it comes to a luxury Toronto limousine experience.

Cadillac XTS-L | Possible Future CrownLimo Toronto Limousine?

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Toronto Limo

Toronto Limousine Services

Cadillac plans to add an option that will enable companies in the CPV “Cadillac Professional Vehicles” network to “up fit” the limousine model “coded VRU” by stretching it a maximum 70 inches. There will also be another vehicle, called the W30 XTS-L that will add up to 8 inches to the wheelbase of the regal XTS W20 for more rear-seat legroom. Between the W20, the VRU, and the W30, Cadillac should have the market for modern luxury limousines and executive delivery vehicles cornered.


Be Aware, Cheap is not always good!!!

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A Toronto limousine ride is associated with the status and prestige of the rider. A person riding in a chauffeur driven limo is taken to be a person linked to the high profile. There are myriad occasions which call for employment of a Toronto limo.  There may be the red carpet events like augmentation of a shop, movie premiers and so forth. The gala occasions like that of weddings also merit for limo hiring. Numbers of firms these days have swung up offering limo services. Also in their bid to out do each other in the increased cut throat rivalry many a times these services are also availed at reduced rates by scores of companies. As majority of people have the preference for the products and services which are good quality-wise and yet offered at competitive prices. Carrying this mentality many a times they increase their susceptibility of being duped by some of the companies offering limo services at economic price rates as the proverb well goes that “Cheap is not always good”.

Many companies despite the tall promises and claims yet offer the services of low quality at reduced price rates. They easily win the confidence of their clients by their circumlocutory talks and con them by giving the inferior quality services. Following are the features that are commonly perceived in the inferior quality Toronto limo services offered at low prices:

Generally the companies offering limo services at lowered price rates do not have proper testing of their drivers done. Where as in the limo services offered by Crown limousine drivers are employed only after having them properly screened.

The drinks offered also differ. In case of inexpensively hired Toronto limo services from other companies, usually they offer cheap quality sodas whereas in case of Crown Limousine clients are always offered only branded sodas.

Interior ambience of Toronto limo is generally fraught with dust and filth as these are not cared much in case of cheaply priced limo services. They just do not care for what the clients do inside the car. People smoke and spill around the beer while sipping and leave the things emanating beer-like waft and no steps are taken to sanitize the interior. Drivers come to drive while being clad in any sorts of casual attires and there is no proper dress code. Where as in case of employing the Toronto limo services of Crown limousine, no such sorts of things are spotted and sparkling atmosphere inside the car always awaits you to welcome with a well dressed driver to drive you around.

Then next thing most probably you might come across when hired a cheap Toronto limo service is linguistic barrier between you and the driver making the mutual communication difficult and there is heightened likelihood that he might reach you the place other than the one you had asked him to take you to. Absence of GPS and navigation system inside the limousine might create another trouble. As driver having no proper familiarity with the spots and roads might end up getting confused and this problem eventually culminate to the point of causing you to be late from the schedule time at the place you were due to be present. However, this would not be the case with the Toronto limos services offered by Crown limousine. You will always find the cars well equipped with the GPS and navigation system and also the drivers are hired only after their familiarity with the places and roads and also their linguistic skills are thoroughly assessed and confirmed.

The companies offering the services at lowered prices also have the drivers who are oft-times found engaged in chitter-chatter over mobile cells while remaining oblivious about the driving and the clients riding behind. Thus they enhance the vulnerability to unexpected mishaps in the course of transportation as their attention span is always distracted due to telephonic conversations. Many times it has also been found that many of such firms lack in proper permits. Where as in case of the Crown limousine sponsored services the driver you will find will always be up to the mark and always ready to serve you by every means and yes! Chitchatting while driving would certainly not mark his personality. Also Crown limousine and it’s affiliates have had all the necessary permits.

So all the points stated above substantiate the popular adage that not all services obtained at cheap rates are quality wise good and it certainly takes a toll on the customer side. So it is always prudent to make proper evaluations of the features and benefits offered by the particular Toronto Limo company when hiring their services.

Toronto Pearson Airport Limousine

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Toronto Airport Limousine Service

Toronto Airport Limousine Service

There was a time when the term “airport limousine” was only in the vocabulary of the rich and famous – the corporate class and the celebrity class. Not so anymore. Nowadays, more and more people are taking Toronto airport limousine services than ever before. Toronto airport limousines offer a comfortable, affordable and hassle-free way to arrive at the airport in style.

Toronto airport limousines are preferred over other modes of airport transportation for several reasons. For one thing, they are reliable. Simply pre-arrange a pickup time and you can be guaranteed that your car will be ready when you are. This is different from taking a taxi, which has to be arranged just before you need it – and there is no guarantee it will arrive in time. When you are travelling to an airport, you don’t have the luxury of being late. Arrive late, and you’ll be able to wave to the plane you should be on from the ground. That could spell disaster if you are schedule for meetings, presentations, conferences or other commitments on the other end. A Toronto airport limousine chauffeur will not only ensure you arrive at the airport with time to spare, they’ll go the extra mile once you get there. Once you arrive at the airport, the chauffeur will check to make sure that your flight is on time and ensure you arrive at the gate on time. That extra measure of care is something you won’t get from a traditional taxi. You can’t put a price on peace of mind!

You can also hire a Toronto airport limousine to pick you up from the airport and bring you to your desired destination. Again, just pre-arrange a pickup time and your car will be waiting for you when you arrive.

Toronto airport limousine companies hire professional chauffeurs. That means when you hire a Toronto airport limousine, you are getting a driver who knows what it means to take care of a client. They are trained to attend to your needs professionally and efficiently. Whatever you need, they can oblige. They will help ensure your bags are transported to the car safely and will take every precaution to ensure you reach your destination on time. Toronto airport limousine drivers understand that your life moves on a schedule and they will ensure you don’t miss a beat.

When planning a trip, either for business or pleasure, consider making a reservation with a Toronto airport limousine company as part of your travel plans. Just one phone call will ensure you travel to the airport in comfort, without the stress of trying to navigate traffic, and that you arrive on time. What’s more, you won’t have to worry about finding parking once you arrive at the airport. You won’t have to struggle with your bags and worry about getting to the gate on time. By hiring a Toronto airport limousine to do the driving for you, you are investing in your peace of mind and the joy of hassle free travel.

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